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Tonnellerie O

Winemaker Selections

Tonnellerie Ô produces six of our most requested barrel formats for our Winemaker Selection series, sourced from ancient oak forests throughout northern and central France. These nationally or locally-owned lands have been carefully cultivated for centuries in order to produce oak of the highest quality, and each site is nurtured sustainably to make sure the supply of this valuable natural resource endures for centuries to come. We also maintain long-time partnerships with family-run French mills that have been practicing their craft for generations. These partners provide us with premium staves, year after year.

We source the unfinished staves for our Bordeaux Export and Bordeaux Élevage barrels from Le Massif des Trois Forêts and the Allier Forests. For the Bordeaux Élevage barrels we sort the staves to ensure that only extra fine grain wood is used to raise the barrel.

For our Bordeaux Château Ferré and Château Tradition barrels we source exclusively from Tronçais and Jupilles, hand sorting and selecting the highest quality, extra fine grain staves to raise these premium barrels.

Our Burgundy Export and Burgundy Crème DLC barrels we source from Bertranges and other forests throughout central France. For our Burgundy Crème DLC barrels, we hand sort and select only the highest quality, extra fine grain staves to raise these premium barrels.

The toast profiles of these barrels can be customized to your specifications in collaboration with our Master Cooper.


  1. Bordeaux Export, 225 Liter/27mm
  2. Burgundy Export, 228 Liter/27mm
  3. Bordeaux Élevage, 225 Liter/22mm
  4. Burgundy Crème DLC, 228 Liter/27mm
  5. Bordeaux Château Ferré, 225 Liter/22mm
  6. Bordeaux Château Tradition, 225 Liter/22mm



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