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Like great winemaking, great barrel making is a noble craft.

Steeped in age-old traditions, both rely on sheer human creativity, prowess and discipline to transform sensational fruits of nature into elegant, awe-inspiring human creations.

The essential objectives and challenges of both wine and barrel making are also similar: to bring forth from a naturally variable and selectively picked ingredient only its finest, most desired sensory attributes and craft them into inspired flavorful recipes that are balanced, precise and most importantly, consistent — season after season, barrel after barrel, and bottle after bottle.

Tonnellerie Ô celebrates the finest enduring traditions of our craft by individually building, toasting and finishing every barrel by hand. Our coopers swing hammers and toast barrels one by one over an open fire. We’ve chosen to work this way because we believe making a barrel right requires the constant judgment of a gifted cooper using his trained skills and senses to select and apply the right staves, the right toast and the right touch.

This is why we do not replace craftsmanship with machine tools.

Yet, we do innovate tradition. In just the right places, where a cooper’s acumen is not critical, we harness the world’s most advanced woodworking technology to achieve precise, measured consistency and extraordinary quality with the least possible amount of waste. This method also enables our coopers to devote more of their time to performing essential barrel building processes where artisanal workmanship is irreplaceable.

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