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While Tonnellerie Ô is new, our people possess decades of hands-on experience serving the world’s finest winemakers.

This informed and familiar perspective inspires our guiding principals:

  • We share a faith in the future of exceptional winemaking and commit ourselves to serving exceptional winemakers.
  • We celebrate art and craft as noble expressions of human vision, capability, creativity, ingenuity and determination.
  • We strive not only to create; we strive to create the finest possible.
  • We embrace the usefulness of intelligent tools that help us achieve our objectives without diminishing the integrity of our craft.
  • We believe quality is defined as measured precision and consistency.
  • We craft our barrels being constantly mindful of the people who will use them, and how and why they will use them.
  • We acknowledge our alliance with nature by respectfully transforming her gifts into extraordinary tools, whose second lives are worthy of their first.
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