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Old World Tradition
New World Innovation

Tonnellerie Ô is a state-of-the-art California cooperage near the heart of Napa Valley wine country.

Our Master Cooper and his team hand-craft, hand-toast and hand-finish French and American oak barrels.

Collectively, our Master Cooper and his team have nearly a century of experience crafting oak barrels of the highest quality for the production of high-end wine and spirits.

3 california cooperage Monnot

Our production methods feature innovative design and equipment from R. Monnot SA, including a multi-stage jointer that is one of only a handful of its kind in the world.

toasting room vertical

In addition to pioneering technology, our coopers employ time-honored practices, such as barrel toasting in our traditional 2,500 square foot brick lined toasting room.

lab bottles

We also offer a full-service, onsite laboratory where a dedicated research and development team keeps us at the forefront of innovation.