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The first of its kind

Tonnellerie Ô launched the Master Cooper Program in 2016 to offer winemakers a complete forest-to-barrel experience.


and winemaking teams accompany our Master Cooper to France, where they explore the oak forests and visit the families who harvest these ancient trees.

Winemakers receive in-depth information on the French National Forest System, as our Master Cooper helps them select oak wood for their own barrels.
walking in woods by log

The team also tours family-owned stave mills like the historic mill managed by Nathalie Gauthier and her family, to view first-hand the process of seasoning and sorting.

Other unforgettable experiences include dining “en famille” with their hosts and stopping in to some of the region’s finest wineries and restaurants.

Back in our California cooperage, winemakers follow the barrel making process from beginning to end, determining their own custom formats and barrel toasting. The first participant in our Master Cooper Program was Bob Cabral of Three Sticks Wines.

The Master Cooper Selections program is limited to twelve participating wineries per year, and requires a minimum purchase of twelve barrels.